Welcome to a compendium of information on Patrick Wang, a student of chemistry and physics at the University of Edinburgh.

I am serving as the Campus Ambassador for the Institute of Physics at the University of Edinburgh.

I do chemistry, physics and maths. I code occasionally (python and wolfram), but I’m not particularly good at it. I play the accordion and piano. Precisely $94.8\%$ completed on my quest to obtaining a pilot’s licence in the UK.

Recent Posts

  • Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and Fourier Analysis
    As the semester goes on, I find myself to be quite often in a pickle to find spare time. Therefore, what I will be writing about is mostly what I need to know for my exams. Tedious as it may sound, there are still absolutely stunning proofs and derivations that can bring a smile to […]
  • Symmetry, and Lie Algebra
    Back by popular demand, this is the third instalment on my journey to learn Quantum Field Theory. “I am waiting for another blog post.” Ben Thamm, University of Edinburgh Student Arguablly one of the most important concepts in the whole of modern physics is one of symmetry. Suppose we were to perform an experiment today, […]
  • Casimir Effect, Renormalisation Theory, Topology, and Sum of All $n$ for $n\in \mathbb{Z}^+$
    This is the second instalment of my journey to learn Quantum Field Theory. This week, I got a preview at Renormalisation Theory and how we can use this to solve seemingly impossible physical problems, and during the process, I encountered a particularly peculiar sum… Questionable Pedagogy… I remember that in grade 10, my then maths […]
  • Automatic Door Opener for My Flat
    I became quite interested in servers running in python after my first exposure to Django. I thought I’d put my Raspberry Pi to good use by making an automatic door opener for my flat. Background The street entrance to my building is controlled by an archaic intercom/buzzer system. Say a person with a delivery for […]
  • Canonical Quantisation to Establish a Quantum Theory of Fields with Harmonic Oscillators
    At the beginning of this summer, I embarked on the journey of learning about the ephemeral nature of life (or, quantum field theory), as a mean of exercising the mind if you will, so that I won’t start off the new semester having to resort to google to remind myself what Newton’s second was. Much […]