Notes and Files

Here you will find some of my personal notes for previous courses I have taken, or just topics that I have explored by myself as well. All documents are CC 3.0 share alike unless otherwise noted. For an online interactive version of certain topics in physics and maths, see, for chemistry,

If you require .tex files for any documents below typesetted with LaTeX, please drop me a line and I will send it to you.

Course/Title and IntroductionFile
Physics of Fields: An introductory course on electromagnetism. Taught by Dr R. Galloway of University of Edinburgh. The document contains most commonly used equations for such a course and a brief summary for important concepts.pof.pdf
Physics of Matter: An introductory course on condensed matter physics taught by Dr S. Titmuss and Dr S McWilliams, covering basic kinetic gas theories and crystal lattice theory. Download PDF
Indices: A short summary of index notation, four vectors and its application in electromagnetism and special relativity.Download PDF
Atomic Spectra: An introductory course to atomic physics part of Prof E. Campbell’s module for Chemistry 2, covering spin-spin coupling, spin-orbit coupling, Zeeman effect, and various spectroscopic techniques. Download PDF
Spectroscopy: A compilation of commonly used equations for UV/VIS, IR, and microwave spectroscopies. Download PDF


After realising how woefully inadequate Pooley’s checklists (and by extension, AFE’s checklist) is, I decided to compile some commonly used checklists directly from the Pilot Operating Handbook for the plane I fly. (PA28-161 Warrior II). I compiled these checklists with $\LaTeX$, and I would print off a copy each time I fly as I tend to write little checkmarks on them. The checklists are provided as is and with all faults, use at your own risk. When in doubt, consult your instructor and the POH for your particular aircraft!

Emergency procedures: Download

General procedures: Download