I have been involved as well as being currently involved in projects of various kinds arranged in a somewhat chronological order.


A simple to use Python 3 module to obtain airport inofmrtion, TAFs, METARs worldwide, using the api.

Physics with Ease

This is a blog/website I started with my dear friend Reed Zhang, a physics student at Manchester. The website contains several study guides on physical/mathematical topics of interest. Visit for more information.

Pylot Logbook

An open-source software based on python/django for recording flight times by pilots and flight crew capable of generating reports/logbooks printouts to FAA and EASA standards.

Chemistry with Ease

The ‘with ease’ saga continues! I started Chemistry with Ease as a repository to document my self-study journey in chemistry olympiads. (Though I didn’t quite manage it to make it on Canada’s team at the ICO, but I did score first place at the albeit juvenile Thompson River’s Chemistry Contest.) After giving the site an overhaul a year ago, I haven’t found much time to work on it. Hopefully that will change soon. Visit for more informtion.

University of British Columbia Rocket Team

I was chiefly responsible for desigining the electrical components of a payload in a rocket launched by UBC’s rocket team at the ESRA Spaceport America Cup in 2018.

North Shore Web Services

A company I started when I was residing on the north shore of Greater Vancouver. I provided hardware as well as software support for VoIP systems and was responsible in maintaining a server of which many of my websites reside on. (